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Falls- A type of personal injury New Jersey case

September 4, 2014 Leave a comment

Personal injury is a term used to refer to the accidents that happen in work places. While work place accidents can be of various types, fall is a common category. Today, people have to perform various dangerous works in order to earn their living and it is mostly applicable for people who are involved in labor intensive works like laboring and engineering. Engineers and architects like civil engineers, mechanical engineers and architects have to climb up great heights in order to check various mechanisms and operations that take place in the factories and construction sites. Other than that, people working in retail stores and warehouses may also suffer from fall as a personal injury New Jersey while using ladders and trying to get up to take down things.

 Why and how is fall categorized as a personal injury?

Personal injury New Jersey is a type of accident which victimizes people in their work place and happens as a result of intentional or unintentional negligence of another person or the company that the affected person works in. While an employee may fall down due to several personal reasons as well and in such cases no other person can be blamed for the event; in many instances, a person may fall down while working due to the negligence of other people or the company in which he or she works in. For instance, if a person working at great heights, like for the construction of sky scrapers and works with dangerous equipment like hanging lifts and ropes to go up and down the buildings fall, it may be either due to the person’s or worker’s own faults or due to even the negligence of a company the person is working for. For example, if the company has been found guilty of not taking proper care of its equipment used by these people to perform their tasks and not upgrading or repairing these damaged tools, then the case is found to be a case of personal injury New Jersey, wherein the accident is blamed on the company.

What can be done in such cases?

If a fall accident is claimed to have happened because of some other person working in the same company or due to the negligence of the company itself, the victimized person can then hire a lawyer dealing in personal injury New Jersey cases and file a lawsuit against the responsible person or the company. This will allow the victim to get compensated for their loss.

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Tips to choose a good personal injury lawyer

September 1, 2014 2 comments

Personal injury cases are pretty much common now-a-days, considering the fact that accidents and mishaps have tremendously increased and are much more in rate now a days than it was ever before and also because more and more people are getting acquainted about the law and its provisions. However, personal injury cases are not the easiest types of cases to deal with and people often end up losing their cases or getting discarded by the court of law. This is the reason why it is generally recommended to take the help of a lawyer or attorney who is experienced in handling such tricky cases. Although numerous advertisements featuring personal injury attorneys pop up on the television screen everyday, every attorney or lawyer is not worth approaching. Hence, if you are in dilemma as to how to choose the right lawyer for your personal injury New Jersey case, do consider some of these tips mentioned below to take the right decision.


Lawyers, doctors and other such professionals are experts of their niche. While there may be general physicians available, we always approach a specialist like a cardiologist, neurologist, gynecologist for serious cases seeking special attention. Similar is the case with lawyers as well. Juts as a tax lawyer will be chosen for dealing with tax related issues, it is the lawyers who specialize in personal injury cases who should always be preferred over other attorneys dealing in some other types of civil cases. This is because, the fact is that nobody is more aware about a specific subject or matter than its expert. Hence, choosing a specialized or expert lawyer dealing in personal injury New Jersey cases is often the best and the safest bet for a complainant.


Apart from specialization, it is also extremely important to pay heed to the total experience of the lawyer or the attorney in the specific field, i.E., of dealing with personal injury New Jersey cases. This is because, despite the simple nature of these personal injury cases, these are often ruled out by the court of law by deeming these as inappropriate or not worthy of presenting in a court of law. It is in these kinds of situations that a lawyer who is fighting on behalf of the complainant should be able to validate the seriousness of the case and retain it in the court of law. This expertise comes with experience and hence, it is always better to opt for an experienced personal injury lawyer.

For further details visit New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer or if you wants an appointment then contact Bergen County NJ Personal Injury Attorney – Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Hasson, P.C. 320 Cedar LaneTeaneck, NJ 07666

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