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When to opt for collaborative divorce?

August 19, 2014 Leave a comment

Collaborative divorce as the name suggests is a type of divorce in which both the spouses amicably and mutually decide to take a separation legally without taking their divorce case to the court of law. In this case, the spouses with the help of their collaborative lawyers come to a settlement mutually and then end their relationship. There is simply no hassle, waste of time and money in attending trials in court and no grace period to provide the couple with more time to resolve their marriage. However; despite being the most suitable and peaceful way of getting a divorce, all couples don’t prefer taking this road. Apart from that, adopting collaborative divorce as a means of separation is also suitable for only a certain type of couples. Read on to find out when to opt for collaborative family law New Jersey divorce.

28b1 Mutual understanding

This is often one of the most important criterion for opting for a collaborative divorce. This is because, collaborative divorce seeks the consent of both the parties and also require both the spouses to understand that they are mature human beings and that if their marriage has not worked out for some reason, it is their responsibility to dissolve their marriage in a peaceful manner. However; this is not the case always with all the couples seeking divorce.

 Respect for each other

No matter what the reason is and how much a marital relation has suffered, some couples never take their relation to the level of hatred or try to hurt each other in order to make the other suffer. Collaborative divorce is a suitable option for couples who do not want to drag each other to court and get involved in the harassment as they understand and respect each other, even if they have decided to dissolve the marital relation.

 Family approval

Many divorce cases suffer as parents of the spouses often decide to harass the wife or the husband for whatever they have done to their children and want to punish them for ending the marriage. A collaborative family law New Jersey divorce is not suitable for spouses whose parents do not provide the approval for the same and insist their children in taking the other road.

divorce No child custody hassle

Last but not the least, collaborative family law New Jersey divorce should preferably be opted by couples who do not have any issues from the marriage or who have mutually and amicably decided whether the child will be provided in whose custody.

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