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Traffic Tickets – Hire the Right Attorney in New Jersey

February 4, 2015 Leave a comment

Getting involved into traffic violations can lead to serious cases. Every state has different laws for traffic rules. Hence, if you are interested to enjoy the driver’s seat then you need to know all these important rules related to traffic, so that you do not get involved in traffic violations NJ. Without knowing these rules you cannot manage to drive safely. You must know that driving a car safely is not an easy thing. People need to take training for months to get confidence and become an expert driver. Hence, you should definitely try to get acquainted with all these rules and regulations.

If you get traffic tickets for violating the rules of traffic in New Jersey, you will then need to know how to control such situations. If you don’t know the right ways to handle such situations, it will then affect your life in several ways. Your insurance rate will be increased for years and your driver’s license will not be clear. However; there is a solution for such cases and only a good traffic lawyer in New Jersey will be able to help you with the case.

You may approach the traffic lawyers in New Jersey by visiting their websites. Internet is the best platform to search for expert traffic lawyers in New Jersey. There are also a number of websites that offer advertisements on the traffic ticket attorneys and provide their addresses in order to help the clients. Hence, finding out the right lawyer for handling your case is not at all a difficult task. Traffic attorneys will help you understand the consequences of traffic violations NJ and will also help you explain the situations to the higher authorities, under which the violation occurred.

Sometimes things happen due to serious emergency. Hence, for such cases, giving the right explanations to the judge is really very important. You may drive on a highway at high speed because you need to reach hospital; may be you park your car in front of the fire hydrant because you did not have time to check, as you were in hurry – these things can happen. So, you have to give the right explanation for such situation. An attorney can handle these situations positively and will also be able to get you the right judgement.

However, choosing the right attorney is also very important. There are many lawyers who will run to the accident scene and will try to convince you to hire them. But, you need to take this decision very seriously and hire someone who can properly handle this without costing you much. Traffic tickets cases can be properly solved if you have the right attorney.

For further details visit Middlesex County Traffic Lawyer or wants an appointment contact Middlesex County Speeding Ticket here: Airport Plaza, 1390 State Route 36, Suite 101, Hazlet, NJ 07730

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Charlotte truck accident attorney – What’s the difference?

October 28, 2014 Leave a comment

Charlotte is a city that pays very high and thorough attention to the well being of its people. As a result, there are many laws and clauses in Charlotte’s rule books. While these laws are elaborate and well defined, most of these laws fail to reach the common people, who’s rights have been compromised and who have suffered a serious injury as a result of someone else’s mistakes or intentional planning. Similar is the case with Charlotte’s truck accident laws. Despite being a part of the city’s auto accident laws, truck accidents are treated with a different level of seriousness and with an all-totally different approach, which makes it difficult for inexperienced lawyers to present and contest such cases in a court of law. There are several factors that should be checked and properly analyzed in order to make a truck accident case a viable one and to make it stand out in the court. mentioned below are some of the ways in which hiring a Charlotte truck accident attorney can completely change the direction of the case and help the victim and his or her family get justice faster and more easily.

Truck accidents are different

while there are many laws associated with auto accidents in Charlotte, there are some well defined parameters for determining whether a person has been injured due to negligence of a truck driver or a company or not. Since trucks are included under heavy and huge vehicles, just a simple touch with these vehicles can severely injure a person. It is therefore required on the part of the Charlotte truck accident attorney to know about those particular parameters in order to investigate and fight a case properly. This is also the only reason which makes it difficult for attorneys contesting other types of auto cases to fight truck accident cases.


every automobile accident is different and so are their outcomes. This is the reason why it is generally recommended to hire a Charlotte truck accident attorney who is experienced in handling truck accident personal injury cases and especially the ones who specialize in the subject matter. This is because, without having any prior experience in the field, a lawyer will never be able to handle a truck accident case and decode it to get the victim duly compensated. a Charlotte truck accident attorney being an expert in the field will be able to do justice with the case, not only by studying the case properly but also by penalizing the guilty and drawing the compensation for the victim.

For further details visit Charlotte Accident Lawyer or wants an appointment contact NC Auto Accident Attorney here: 118 South Colonial Ave. Charlotte, North Carolina 28207
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What makes hiring a Charlotte DWI lawyer essential?

September 18, 2014 Leave a comment

Charlotte is a state in North Carolina, which is extremely strict about its rules and regulations, including its traffic laws and especially, its DWI law. DWI is a traffic crime that is taken in very high esteem in North Carolina, as this is probably the only driving crime so dangerous after rash or reckless driving and can also lead to someone’s death or personal injury. Hence, in order to minimize the other associated occurrences, the government and the law enforcement officials often slam serious charges against the convict and the convict often ends up paying hefty fines, losing his or her driver license and sometimes even staying a term in jail. Hence; in order to minimize the intensity of the punishments and penalties, it is inevitable to hire a Charlotte DWI lawyer. There are many other reasons which make hiring a lawyer for fighting a DWI case, some of which are mentioned below.


Handling a legal case no matter how lenient or serious it is not at all a joke and a simple task. A person not aware of the laws and its loopholes can easily get hooked up upon saying or doing anything improper or wrong upon being slammed with charges. Similar is the case with DWI charges as well. A person trying to escape the police or putting forward some improper sentence on being interrogated, may ultimately end up screwing up the case more. It is only a Charlotte DWI lawyer who can help in such an instance and guide the convict in the right direction with proper advice. It is simply impossible to survive the law without an experienced and skilled DWI lawyer.

Proving innocent

The only way to prove a person innocent in a DWI case is to collect evidences of a person’s BAC level. While a person may be genuinely guilty of driving while being impaired, the Charlotte DWI lawyer can easily negotiate the BAC level of the person with the court and get it reduced to a level where the punishments won’t be that serious. Hiring a lawyer is also very essential for convicts who are not at all guilty of the crime and want to contest it.

Negotiate penalty

Last but not the least; a Charlotte DWI lawyer is also essential for negotiating the punishments and penalties with the court of law, so as to help the client by minimizing the intensity of the penalties.

For further details visit Charlotte Criminal Lawyer or wants an appointment contact Charlotte NC DUI Lawyer here: 118 South Colonial Ave. Charlotte, North Carolina 28207
Phone: 704-754-8098

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Fines and penalties for drunk driving in New Jersey

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Drunk driving is considered as a very serious offense in New Jersey. While there is obviously and estimate of how much a person can drink to keep his BAC or Blood Alcohol Concentration below 0.8 to avoid arrest, it is extremely difficult to make an assumption. Hence, it is generally recommended to refrain from drinking alcohol or taking other sorts of drugs before driving in the state of New Jersey. Moreover, despite the fact that a first time offender has to pay lesser fines and face penalties of low severity, getting booked for this crime in New Jersey is equivalent to losing one’s freedom, respect, dignity and future for the rest of his or her life. Explained below are the possible fines and penalties that are applied for offenders of drunk driving according to the criminal law New Jersey.

 Although drunk driving was never considered as a very serious offense in New Jersey previously, the subsequent serious crimes that occurred as a result of drunk driving made the law authorities take this violation as a serious crime. The penalties and punishments offered for drunk driving today, vary depending on whether the person is a first time, second time or a third time offender and the levels of alcohol concentration found in his or her blood while driving.

First time offender with BAC of .08 or below .10:

This is the offense for which the most lenient of punishments are used. The first time offenders of drunk driving according to the criminal law New Jersey are penalized by seizing their driving license for 3 months. They are also made to pay a fine of $250 to $400, apart from paying other compensations like $200 for DWI Enforcement Fund, $75 for Safe Neighborhood Fund, $50 for Violent Crime Compensation Board Fund, $150 for IDRC, $200 for New Jersey MVC Restoration Charges and $33 for Court Charges. The offender is also made to stay in jail for a maximum of 30 days and in Intoxicated Driver Resource Center for at least 12 hours to a maximum of 48 hours.

First time offender with BAC of .10:

A fine of $300 to $500, suspension of driver’s license for 7 months to 1 year and an imprisonment of not more than 30 days is charged to a first time offender having a BAC level at or above .10, according to criminal law New Jersey.

Second time offender:

Fine of $500 to $1000 for 3 years, other additional fines, license suspension for 2 years, imprisonment for maximum 90 days and community service for 30 days is applied for a second time offender.

Third time offender:

The third time offender is made to remain in imprisonment for a maximum of 180 days and is made to pay a penalty of $1000 for three years and other fines. His or her driver’s license is also suspended for ten years.

For Further details Visit: Middlesex County Traffic Violations Lawyer or if you want an appointment contact Drunk Driving Lawyer Monmouth County here:  The Law Office of Marc B. Schram, P.C. Airport Plaza, 1390 State Route 36, Suite 101, Hazlet, NJ 07730.

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How to select from Monmouth County DWI attorneys?

September 8, 2014 1 comment

DWI or “Driving While Impaired” is a serious traffic crime and is taken into higher seriousness in Monmouth County, North Carolina. While DWI is considered as a very serious criminal offense in every part and state of the United States, North Carolina has a well-defined and sprawled out set of rules and regulations and set of punishments for DWI. While DWI penalties can vary depending on the person’s age involved in the crime, his or her BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) and other related criterion, these cases often become extremely serious and may even completely change the life of a person forever. This is the reason why every convict of DWI case, whether guilty or not should appoint a DWI attorney to handle his or her case without delaying the matter. However; choosing a DWI attorney among the thousands of Monmouth County DWI attorneys working in the field is not an easy task and the client must seek certain aspects in the attorney before choosing one. Mentioned below are some of the ways in which a good DWI attorney in Monmouth County can be chosen.


The first and foremost factor that should influence the determination process of choosing a Monmouth County DWI attorney is whether the attorney is providing a free initial consultation or not. Monmouth County DWI attorneys should be the ones who should be considered. This is because; an attorney who demands money for initial consultation can be worried only about the money and may not handle the case very nicely or carefully. However; attorneys who offer free initial consultation, are the ones who are really worried about the case and are interested to fight it genuinely.


While there are many Monmouth County DWI attorneys practicing in the field, it is always recommended to opt for an attorney who is specialized in the field and is mostly dealing with DWI cases. This is because, every DWI case is not the same and an attorney who deals with only DWI case will definitely have more experience and expertise in the subject matter than an attorney who handles other types of cases as well. Moreover, attorneys who solely handle DWI cases will be able to provide better suggestions and consultations because of his or her expertise.

Track record:

Last but not the least, it is always better to work with Monmouth County DWI attorneys who have a good track record of winning cases.

For Further details Visit: Middlesex County Traffic Violations Lawyer or if you want an appointment contact Monmouth County DUI/DWI Lawyer here:  The Law Office of Marc B. Schram, P.C. Airport Plaza, 1390 State Route 36, Suite 101, Hazlet, NJ 07730.

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Keep your driving record clean with the help of traffic ticket attorney

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Traffic tickets and driving related charges are quite a normal phenomenon for people who drive. Now in the present day context the requirement of having a personal vehicle is quite a natural factor. But what if you get busted for traffic violation? It is a common thought to just pay off the fine and go on your way. But have you ever thought of the consequences it might have on your driving record. There are often cases where people might be wrongfully charged with traffic violation or for slightest reasons. Although it is the easiest to pay off the fine and be on your way but there is always another means where you can fight the charges and present your point of view.

The traffic ticket lawyers are just the ones who can help you with cases when you are charged with traffic violation. There can be several reasons for getting a ticket including different charges like reckless driving, drunk driving, driving under influence, wrong parking and several other traffic charges. The best thing to do when you are willing to fight against such charges or to reduce the penalty is to seek the assistance of a traffic lawyer. These attorneys specialize in traffic related laws and cases and therefore, can be of great assistance for any kind of traffic charges.

Now you might have the question how can a traffic attorney help me with my traffic ticket. The most important thing to know in this respect is that the assistance of a traffic attorney means that you have the minute details of traffic laws by your side and an experienced professional can easily figure it out if you are wrongfully charged with traffic violation. On the other hand if it really is your mistake and the traffic violation is your fault alone then also a traffic attorney can help your cause by reducing the penalty. In several cases it is possible that the charges are dropped completely therefore your driving record remains clean.

Now if you have the thoughts about how to contact a traffic attorney the best means are right in front of you. These days the internet and the web world have the answers to most questions. Just a quick web research can help you find a traffic attorney in your area. On the other hand you can also ask around your friends and family circles to get the referral for an attorney. This way you can also have a bit more information about the abilities of the attorney. Therefore, think twice before paying off your traffic fines and consult an attorney.

For further details visit New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney or if you wants an appointment then contact Essex County Traffic Violations Lawyer here: 347 Mount Pleasant Avenue, Suite 203 West Orange, New Jersey 0705. Phone# (866)-856 1562

Drunk driving in New Jersey- What you need to know?

September 2, 2014 1 comment

New Jersey is one such state that is extremely particular about drunk driving. Police officials here do not take even a moment to book the intoxicated drivers with a case of drunk driving. While some other states only have DUI as a drunk driving law, New Jersey being stricter and more conservative, also has a separate law with the name of DWI. DUI is the acronym for Driving Under Influence and DWI is the acronym for Driving While Intoxicated. A person who has been found to stir forth from these criminal law New Jersey are often fined and put behind the bars. Apart from that, the guilty person’s driver license is also seized for a period of one month to two years, depending on the seriousness of the crime that the guilty has been found to have committed. However, subsequent convictions for crimes of same nature may make a person lose his or her driving license for as long as lifetime.

With visits to bars and parties taking up a center stage in the lives of people, driving while being intoxicated or drunk has become a common phenomenon now a days. However, New Jersey is not a state that is kind to the guilty of drunk driving criminal law New Jersey cases. While other states generally book a teenager up to the age of 21 for having a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of 0.02, New Jersey has limited the limit to 0.01. The laws of DUI and DWI are also a lot stricter in New Jersey and the guilty may also end up serving in jail or performing community service for a certain period of time.

Punishment for 1st time conviction

The punishments for the first time convicts who have been charged for drunk driving according to the criminal law New Jersey are a lot lenient. The officers upon booking the person guilty of the crime, seize their general driver’s license for a period of three to twelve months and apart from that, they are also charged with several fines. First of all, a fine of $500 is charged as penalty, $30 for court costs, $25 for physician’s fees, $100 for drunk driving enforcement fund surcharge, $75 for safe neighborhood fund surcharge and $50 for victims of crime compensation board penalties. The driver may also be put behind the bars for a minimum of 12 hours and a maximum of 48 hours.

 Punishment for 2nd time conviction

People found guilty for drunk driving according to criminal law New Jersey are slammed with more fierce fine amounts and driver’s license cancellation, which may extend up to 2 years.

For Further details Visit: Monmouth County Traffic Violations Lawyer or if you want an appointment contact Middlesex County DUI/DWI Lawyer here:  The Law Office of Marc B. Schram, P.C. Airport Plaza, 1390 State Route 36, Suite 101, Hazlet, NJ 07730.