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Procedure to Attain Commercial Real Estate Broker’s License

February 4, 2015 Leave a comment

Commercial real estate broker is the person who mainly sells properties like apartments, shopping center, warehouse, and industrial park, etc. Therefore, in order to attain the license one needs to have a good experience in the field of real estate and need to clear an exam as well.

Then it comes to the procedure as to how to attain the license, in which one has to clear a written examination. In many places candidates have to go through a per-licensing education course while in other places the experience is taken into account. The candidate should be at least 18 years of age and should have a high school graduation. After completion of the required training and passing the exam one can join a company or can start his work independently as a commercial real estate broker.

Though in order to attain the license as a broker in commercial real estate one’s high school qualification is enough, in today’s competitive world, one needs to go to community colleges, universities and private education institutions in order to be a professional in the field of commercial real estate broking. These institutions provide with degrees related to bachelor’s and master’s level. In addition, the students may attain the courses related to the real estate association.

Then after going through all courses and the educational training, the student need to appear for the exam. In order to clear the examination procedure, the student needs to understand the basic real estate laws and how the transactions take place. So after the completion of the applying procedure and the completion of the examination, the student must still continue with the educational requirement for license renewal which usually takes place within two to four years.

In order to get information about licensing and license renewal, one should approach the Association of the Real Estate License Law Officials. It is a particular association which focuses on real estate regulation and it also offers membership and continuation of educational courses in real estate broking to help one become a commercial real estate broker.

In the recent years, it has been noticed that there has been eleven percent growth in this field of employment. One of the major reasons for this growth is definitely population, but at the same time it is also about peoples’ interest which is bringing them into this profession. Therefore as the demand for houses are increasing is the improvement in the job market is also moving up at same pace.

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Why Hire a Bergen County Real Estate Attorney?

October 10, 2014 Leave a comment

Bergen County is a county in New Jersey, which is extremely popular for its overflowing population rate. It is due to its overflowing population that NJ is facing a lot of social troubles. From a tremendous increase in its crime rate to the falling prices of properties, NJ is facing a tremendous surge in social issues. However; the good news is that despite the falling prices of real estates, NJ real estate sellers are still putting up their assets for sale and with the help of an expert, professional, loyal and experienced real estate attorney, sellers and buyers can secure a profitable deal. A NJ Property attorney is not just helpful for bargaining a property price but can also significantly help to deal with the Property laws in NJ. Mentioned below are some reasons which make hiring a NJ Property attorney a must doing task for getting involved in property transactions in NJ.

Deal with laws:

New Jersey as a state is extremely strict about its laws, which also includes the real estate laws. While New Jersey property laws have always been pretty tight, ever since the downfall of the real estate market and entry of socially unacceptable people into the state, the jurisdiction of New Jersey has tighten up its belt to make it more difficult for the potential property buyers in New Jersey to buy properties. Similar is the condition in Bergen County and it is due to the already high population rate, that the judiciary has made its rules tighter. Apart from having tighter laws, the number of property laws in NJ is also pretty high, which make property buying and selling an extremely tough job. However; all these problems can be easily averted by hiring a Bergen County real estate attorney. These attorneys are well versed with the property laws and find smart ways to make this task a lot easier and comfortable for both the sellers and the buyers.


Buying and selling a property in NJ can be a pretty tiring deal, especially because property sellers demand extremely high prices. The same is also true for sellers, as the potential buyers take advantage of the struggling prices to quote unbelievably low prices. A Bergen County real estate attorney can be of extreme help in these cases, as the attorney will formulate some methods to make the deal more attractive for both the seller and the buyer.

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